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Konstantin Suvorov

Make DevOps a reality


About myself

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My love to computers ignited before I was 10, in the early 90-s, with the ZX Spectrum clone which my father had assembled. Games were front and center, but there were also some primitive attempts with BASIC.

Then it was a 286 KOMPAN, MS-DOS and a book "C Primer Plus by Waite, Prata, Martin (1984)".

Followed by a 486 PC, Windows; A modem, FidoNet.

Pentium — Dial-up, Internet, Pascal. OS/2 Warp, Windows NT. Ethernet with a coaxial cable.

Pentium 4 — Windows XP, Delphi, Fast-Ethernet, GeoCities.

After that it started (and continues) to evolve with incredible speed...

I earned my first money with a small font-editor program when I was in high school. But hardware, networks and operation systems always attracted me more than creating software.

My career advanced in an organic way from a part-time system administrator to a head of IT. Some may dream about this role, but my motivation is fueled by engineering.

At the time there was a tech boom: clouds, IaC, continuous delivery, containers. I couldn't resist pivoting my growth to an expert role.

There was a period when I was obsessed by Ansible: Top-1 answerer on StackOverflow, automation projects with Ansible, articles, public talks and workshops! Uff...

Having a degree in informatics, experience in software development, networking and IT systems administration under my belt allows me to navigate confidently in the modern world of DevOps and SRE. Moreover, management experience lets me act as a solid bridge between engineering and business teams.

I am an Advanced Systems Engineer (DevOps, SRE) who is able to lead technology decisions and to design and implement architectures for challenging tasks.



Versatile IT professional with 20 years of hands-on experience in systems engineering and operation. Oversaw globally-scaled systems with 100K+ connected devices and 3M+ users. Expertise in bridging engineering to business requirements. Led a support team to achieve a 90% customer satisfaction score. DevOps advocate, automation enthusiast, responsive mentor, community contributor.


Senior Systems Engineer – EPAM



EPAM: one of the world's largest manufacturers of custom software and consulting providers.

Client: a global leader in information and analytics for researchers and healthcare professionals.

  • Architected and successfully executed a migration of the cloud infrastructure of an acquired product with 3M+ users to match the Enterprise's standards (the documentation set was noted by the architecture board as "exceptional")
  • Enabled new markets in China for a multi-platform application by utilizing Infrastructure as Code methodology
  • Reduced rollout times for new versions from days to minutes with push-button deployments backed by automated CI/CD pipelines and containerized applications
  • Decreased MTTD to less than 10 minutes by implementing synthetic testing and improving application logs management
  • Reduced manual regression test runs by 50% with blue-green deployments and adoption of reusable artifacts
  • Decreased infrastructure spends by 40% through improved architecture, purchasing options and tax management
  • Conducted 1 tech talk and 5 solution demos, contributed 1 lecture materials for DevOps school, participated in 4 assessment sessions as an expert receiving a 4.5/5 feedback score
  • Was recognized as Customer's Trusted Advisor and Customer Focus Hero within a business unit for two consecutive years
Systems Engineer and Systems Architect
as an independent IT consultant


  • Architected and implemented multi-node Docker-based environments for client's PaaS solution (integration with 6 cloud vendors, 30+ roles for managed applications, 2 patches to OSS projects)
  • Achieved 99.95% uptime while supporting client's SaaS solution with 100K+ connected devices (M2M) by utilizing automated tests, performance monitoring and suggesting improvements to software
  • Reduced deployment times from hours to minutes for client's SaaS solution through applying IaC approach and replatforming application to containers (70+ automation roles)
  • Decreased RPO to 1 minute for client's ATM management system by designing and implementing a highly available cross data center architecture
  • Discovered 10+ exposed high-severity vulnerabilities on clients' systems while performing security audits
  • Reduced rollout times and minimized deployment failures for client's trading system by implementing automated CI/CD pipelines with rolling updates
  • Promoted Ansible by delivering 3 public talks on advanced use cases with up to 100 attendees, wrote 4 articles, achieved 40K+ reputation on StackOverflow
Head of IT – C.Nord



Core products: Alarm monitoring systems and hosted SaaS for central monitoring stations.

  • Led a team of 5-10 FTEs to deliver 24/7 support of business-critical infrastructure and services for the Company and its B2B customers
  • Planned and executed 2 stitchless office relocation projects for 100+ employees
  • Increased availability and decreased OPEX for the Company's SaaS offering by migrating infrastructure from on-premises to AWS cloud via an intermediate datacenter
  • Reduced software licensing costs by adopting open source solutions and migrating to SaaS office suite
  • Achieved customer support satisfaction rate of 90% by introducing a ticketing system, a public knowledge base and technical webinars
IT Engineer – C.Nord


  • Optimized hardware utilization by adopting server virtualization technologies
  • Eliminated communication hurdles by building a shared network across multiple offices
  • Improved customers' experience by implementing IP telephony with custom scripts
  • Contributed to pre-sales and market research activities at 10+ international technology fairs

Before 2003 — system administrator at different companies.


ITMO University



B.S. and M.S. in Informatics and Applied Mathematics


AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate


Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests
Certificate of completion

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IaC transformation projects with Terraform, Ansible, Packer.
CI/CD(CDL/CDP) pipelines with Drone CI, CodeBuild, Gitlab, Jenkins.
Artifacts management with Artifactory.

Multi-region, multi-account architectures and niche cases (AWS China).
Global and small vendors. Cloud-native designs with Docker containers and serverless compute.

Distributed systems. HA systems. Zero-downtime infrastructure migrations
Protected content delivery.

From conventional solutions with Zabbix to full-stack distributed tracing and APM with Jaeger/Prometheus/Grafana and New Relic.
Adoption of SLI/SLO.

Applications and dependencies profiling.
Auto-scaling designs. Cache and CDN utilization.

No-SPOF architectures. E2E automated tests.
Backup and DR scenarios.

Site-to-site VPNs. Load balancing and proxying solutions.
Deep packets inspection.

Numerous Bash and Python automation scripts.
Plugins and extensions for IaC and CI/CD.

Vulnerabilities and code scanning. PII protection.
OWASP awareness.

Architecture artifacts and decision records.
Project knowledge bases. Runbooks.
Blameless post-mortems.

Incidents handling. Priorities and resources optimization.
Costs control. Business continuity. Engineering mentoring.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate


Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests
Certificate of completion


Ansible community contribution

In 2016–2019 I was an active participant of Ansible community.


Top answerer on Ansible since 2018.

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Speed up Ansible (RU, EN)
Extending Ansible – plugins, part 1 (RU, EN)
Extending Ansible – plugins, part 2 (RU, EN)
Extending Ansible – modules (RU, EN)

Public talks & workshops

DevOpsDays Moscow 2017 — Extending Ansible

WrikeTechClub SPb 2017 — Ansible modules: things you don't know

Ansible Automates Moscow 2018 — Pimp my Ansible